Carolyn DeCarlo

suck me dry

here is my arm.
break it,
crack the bone,
suck the marrow.
i made it for you,
it is yours.

here is my stomach.
grab it,
slap your hands against it,
own my stomach.
cut out my belly button,
tape it to your wall.
cup your ear to it,
listen to its secrets
tell it yours.

here is my eye.
pluck it out,
string it on a wire,
wear it around your neck
or suck out the color
with a syringe,
my iris is a pigment.
i made it for you.

here is my finger.
cup it in your hands.
lick it,
taste the salt.
push it into your mouth.
i am your food,
eat when you feel hungry.

here is my breast.
squeeze it,
watch it turn yellow
where you pinched it.
bite it,
get angry when
the milk doesn’t flow,
i can’t do everything for you.

here is my knee.
jerk it,
bend it to your will.
push your fingers
into my kneecap,
then shoot it.
i am exploding for you.

here is my heart.
take it.
put my heart
on the pillow beside yours,
hug it when you feel anxious.
press it between your hands,
make it beat.
say, look at your heart,
it’s beating for me.

here is my hair.
pluck it,
pull it out strand by strand,
watch it turn grey.
sew the strands
into a doll’s scalp.
dress the doll up like me,
talk to it when i’m gone.

here are my intestines.
open my belly and
pull them from me,
stretch them across the room
and admire them.
kiss them,
clean them,
rub them with alcohol
then put them back in.
sew me up so
only you know what’s inside.

here is my foot.
hold it in your hands.
feel it.
i’m delicate,
say it.
force me to watch
as you massage it,
then snap every bone.

here is my mouth.
have it.
tell me you like it best
when it’s closed,
second best
when it’s around you.
pinch my lips
between your fingers
until they turn purple.
laugh with me.
smile at my mouth
when it shows you my teeth,
then punch it.

here is my brain.
mold it,
bend it to your will,
make me think about you
more than anything else.
tell me what to do.
tell me how to dress,
what to eat,
and how to think
about things like art and politics.
let me think i’m thinking them.
let me think i made it all.
make me trust you,
then lobotomize me.

here is my vagina.


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